Predefined workflows

This kind of workflows are designed to streamline the creation of new workflows associated with a given template.

They must be defined within the template edition interface by clicking on the “Predefined workflow” menu entry:


A pop up with all the required info to complete the predefined workflow opens:


Many things are similar to the estandar process of creating a workflow from scratch so we will only concentrate here on the differences.

First of all we have a switch to activate or deactivate the predefined workflow:


If active each time this template is used the predefined workflow will be automatically launched otherwise it will be simply ignored.

When creating a step we have a further option:


Because who receives the notification may change from case to case.

Whenever saved if active the workflow will be launched on submission of this document but if any user includes an user “to be requested” there will be an additional step:


Where the user that was fulfilling the document should provide the additional required data. In this particular case the user name and email of the user associated with the first workflow step.